Job Description:

Wall Street School of English is looking to recruit part time English leaders from all over Israel for its Corporate Division.

North – Haifa, Naharia, Tveria, Hatzor and more! Center – Petach Tikva, Tel Aviv, Ashdod, and more. Hasharon – Natanya, Raanana, and more. South – Beer Sheva, Ofakim, Gadera and more

Job Requirements:

1) Native English Speakers only 
2) A car – mandatory
3) Experience in the business world
4) Teaching experience 
5) Charisma, outgoing personality and creativity
6) Responsibility and independence 
As a corporate teacher, you will be teaching both VIP and group courses in Israel’s leading firms, banks, governmental offices, etc. 

We provide the necessary training and material.

Please forward your CV to:​



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